MES Manufacturing Management Plan

Real-time collection and production management system for garment data, real-time collection of production quantity, time, quality and other data on the shop floor through RFID wireless electronic Philippine terminal, real-time production schedule, production balance, product quality, semi-finished product flow, factory efficiency, worker efficiency , salary, IE job data, IE data analysis.

Let you know the production progress of each order
Keep you informed about the quality of the goods produced
Real-time monitoring and early warning of production line balance and efficiency to improve production and capacity utilization
Full process tracking to prevent loss and loss of finished products
Help you keep abreast of the pulse of the production site, and win the battle in the competition with your opponents.

Management Value

Quantity Collection

Yield data quality data
Attendance data IE data

Production Schedule

Real-time collection of progress data for all aspects of the tailor package
GarmentProgress and efficiency of each station on the production line, analysis and adjustment of the backlog of work in-process, ensuring production balance
Tracking of goods in the production process, accurate semi-finished product positioning and statistics

Piece Rate

Real-time monitoring of products such as inspection, inspection and tail inspection at the production site
Analysis of quality inspection results in various links, early warning of quality problems
Effectively control the rate of defective products, avoid large-scale rework, and ensure orderly production

Delivery Time And Order

Help companies rationally adjust their plans and avoid the risk of delayed delivery in a timely manner
Evaluate plant capacity and customer orders, and rationalize order scheduling

Efficiency Management

Adjust the line balance to prevent bottlenecks and smooth production
On-site kanban visual management, prompting workers to form goals and progress awareness, and increase production
According to the analysis of historical data, rationally arrange the styles and processes of workers to improve efficiency

Piece Wage

Real-time statistical output, automatic calculation of piece rate
Eliminate manual management loopholes and reduce factory losses and unfairness
Save labor costs for piece-rate accounting staff

Management Process

Weldone MES Garment Manufacturing Management Process

"weldone mes garment manufacturing execution system, through the RFID wireless electronic Philippine terminal management factory real-time production schedule, production balance, factory efficiency, worker efficiency, salary, IE job data, IE data analysis."

Features Of Daelmes Scheme

LCD color screen

1) It can display 8 lines of 19 Chinese characters per line, which can display the complete operation name and description.
2) Full LCD color screen for easy identification and reading

Wireless intelligence

1) Industrial wireless ZigBee communication, TCP-IP intelligent wireless control products direct switch, network deployment is fast and convenient
2) Weldone MES third-generation wireless intelligent RFID terminal application of the latest Internet of Things technology, real-time, wireless, interactive

Interactive visualization

1) Real-time feedback information, timely adjustment, and promotion of production

Seamless integration

1) Seamless integration with weldone ERP, can also dock SAP, other ERP and financial systems

Advanced Internet of things and Internet hardware advantages

The global textile industry the only initiative RFID electronic tag can be duplicated at a high speed printing, card machine in the input data at the same time, the bed inside of the card number, number, color, size, contract number and barcode information is available at the same time through credit card machine to print on the surface of the card, in the form of graphic print high resolution, the text clear, no material (carbon belt, coated paper, etc.) and bar code printers, changed the traditional print barcode paper label and paste to the RFID card mode of operation. ID material card can be reused, input data and print repeatedly; No special person on duty, clean and environmentally friendly, low cost of use, the average cost of a single use is less than 1 cent.

Advanced Internet of things and Internet hardware advantages

Process library, through big industry data analysis, continuous improvement, reduce the dependence on human brain experience

Manage the enterprise technology information base and strengthen the accumulation of key knowledge base. Process library changes the original working mode of making a single process to the working mode of directly calling the process, improves the reuse rate of process technology information, and then modifies the working mode through the similar process, so as to reduce the repetitive work of duplicating orders and similar orders and improve work efficiency. Set up the basic data and set up various parts databases of different styles and types; Analyze the technology of garment making, make reasonable distribution, adjust the balance of production capacity;

APS advanced program scheduling management

Unified production scheduling for all production orders of the enterprise, converting the production quantity into the standard number of production pieces for planning and scheduling, taking into consideration the technological characteristics of products, delivery requirements, etc., and achieving the corresponding production unit for each order; No discharge, leakage discharge, production unit capacity overload, possible delay risk will be through the system for early warning and control.

APS management highly intelligent production planning and scheduling functions, can be in complex conditions of multitasking, there are many constraints and the production process, make the best use of enterprise resource conditions, comprehensive production hours, production orders, design and sewing workshop team productivity factors such as plan, find the best scheduling scheme scheduling results. The scheduling results can be shown by gantt bar chart, which is convenient for production managers to intuitively understand the capacity load situation, reduce managers' dependence on computers and report analysis ability, and improve the scheduling and execution ability.

Cloud technology (APP) applications

Through the APP, multi-dimensional self-service query of production data can be realized, and the production and operation status of enterprises can be grasped anytime and anywhere.

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