Company Profile
Company Profile

WelDone focuses on the informatization of the textile and clothing industry and provides customized system solutions for the industry. Through management consulting and process improvement, WelDone has comprehensive functions, reasonable structure and remarkable advantages. It breaks the bottleneck of manufacturing execution system selection in textile and clothing enterprises, helps enterprises to quickly implement, deploy and apply, builds digital workshops, establishes a better management mode for enterprises and enhances core competitiveness. 

WelDone MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production information management system oriented to the executive layer of textile and clothing enterprises' workshops. It perfects the production process control with visible execution and the characteristics of real-time, visualization and traceability. WELDONE MES system is not only the center of information integration for production enterprises, but also the tool for lean production to land. It integrates just in time production(JIT), lean production(LP), agile manufacturing(AM), total quality management (TQM) and other management ideas and practices optimization. Building a smart factory with WelDone MES as its core is the foundation and beginning of smart manufacturing.
Core Functions Of MES Product
PDA Management

Through APP, multi-dimensional self-service query of production data is realized, and the production and operation of enterprises can be grasped anytime and anywhere. 


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