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Introduction of WelDone MES System Functions

On the basis of integrating the advanced management ideas and control modes of many excellent clothing enterprises, WelDone MES system is developed, which makes full use of Internet of Things technologies such as bar codes, RFID wireless radio frequencies and sensing objects. The digital definition and storage of people, materials, equipment and processes in the production and manufacturing execution process are realized, so that each production unit becomes a software organization linked by the network, and several major problems such as "scientific scheduling, data collection, standard process guidance, early warning verification, reflective control, piece rate wage" and the like in the production process are effectively solved. WelDone MES system adapts to various production modes such as "single-piece flow, package flow, process flow, Y-shaped mixed flow". Through real-time production data optimization scheduling, the one-time offline rate of products is improved, the piecework output wage of workers is automatically calculated, the skills, efficiency and productivity of workers and machines are effectively improved, and the production efficiency is improved.

WelDone MES system has built-in various data models to analyze and process massive industrial data, allowing the system to simulate "human brain" to think and respond, and to quickly push and respond through Internet technology, helping production management personnel to make scientific decisions and reduce production and operation risks.  

Product Advantages
Product Advantages of WelDone MES Platform
Function Introduction
Product Advantages of WelDone MES Platform

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